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Swiss sport knows «Magglingen» as a unique centre for education nestling in the wonderful landscape of the Bernese Jura mountains above Biel/Bienne. Many also know the way from the valley station of the funicular railway which brings hundreds of students, athletes, staff, and of course visitors, from Biel/Bienne to Magglingen every day. In a little under ten minutes they are immersed in the incomparable sporting aura of Magglingen.

SFISM is a dominant presence in Magglingen. Under one roof, national sports policy is shaped and developed, national sport promotion programmes are evaluated, developed and implemented, courses and training centres are created, and services are provided through SFISM along with teaching, research and development in the sports sciences.
SFISM is the only university for sport in Switzerland, and all its staff are proud to be able to contribute to the advancement of Swiss sport. All activities at SFISM are focused on advancing sport in Switzerland. In each of the areas we are involved in – from university degrees in sport at Bachelor and Master's levels, the education and training of coaches, applied interdisciplinary research and development, and not least to the provision of comprehensive services for national youth and elite sport – we take on sporting challenges and strive for optimum performance for the benefit of Swiss sport.

The SFISM was institutionally accredited in 2022 by the Swiss Accreditation Council.

Annual Report

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Facts and figures / Publications

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Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM Hauptstrasse 247
CH-2532 Magglingen
+41 58 467 61 11


Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM

Hauptstrasse 247
CH-2532 Magglingen

Logo of the Swiss Accreditation Council: Institution accredited pursuant to HEdA for 2022–2029