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Published on 17 July 2024


SFISM Advisory Board

The SFISM Advisory Board advises the Director of FOSPO from a university standpoint on matters of education, research and development as well as services, in particular on the following topics:

SFISM Rectorate

Together with the assistant rector and SFISM's management board, the rector manages the university and represents it internally as well as externally.

Rectorate Office, Team and Communication

The rectorate office, the administration and communication are responsible for tasks and projects concerning the Institute as a whole, as well as central administrative tasks and communication pertaining to the Institute.

Performance sport

The SFISM Performance sport section supports youth high-performance and elite sport.

Sports economics

The Department of Sports Economics develops and teaches key skills in the fields of sports economics and sports management. Its focus is on the optimisation of private and public sports organisations, the analysis of national and international sports systems, and the sustainable construction and efficient operation of sports facilities.

Teaching and sports education

The department Teaching and sports education focused specifically on three topic areas with societal relevance: sport and prevention in the armed forces, professional skills in teaching sport and ethics and diversity in sport. Under the leadership of the Vice Rectorate for teaching, the department is also making a major contribution to the organisation, management and quality assurance of the SFISM’s education and training courses in addition to teaching, research and services.

Sports Coach Education

The Sports Coach Education provides coaches with practice-centred experience of what it means to work with athletes in the challenging environment of high-performance sport. The approach to teaching is an interdisciplinary one which encourages the exchange of experience across different sporting disciplines

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