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Published on 29 August 2023

Sports economics

The Department of Sports Economics develops and teaches key skills in the fields of sports economics and sports management. Its focus is on the optimisation of private and public sports organisations, the analysis of national and international sports systems, and the sustainable construction and efficient operation of sports facilities.

Main focus of sports economics

5 July 2024

Sport facilities unit

The Sports facilities unit is a centre of expertise for building techniques and functionality, for commercial and spatial planning matters, and for the management and maintenance of sports facilities.

30 October 2023

Sports systems

The Sports Systems expert group is responsible for the strategic and operative management and funding of national and international sports promotion. The group analyses interdisciplinary aspects of national and international sports systems, focusing on specific features of various stakeholders, including organisation, legal structure, material and formal objectives as well as funding. The group analyses how stakeholders interact within sport s systems and funding programmes, and looks at how sports promotion in Switzerland compares with that of other countries.

30 October 2023

Organisational development

The Organisational Development expert group looks at the establishment and development of sports organisations and their challenges. It analyses interdisciplinary aspects of how sports organisations position itself, what strategies, processes and instruments they apply and how they can develop ethically and innovatively in the long term.

15 May 2024

Internship in sports economics

Internship for students of sports science at Swiss universities (3 months)

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Sports economics and management
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