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Published on 30 August 2023

Sport facilities unit

The Sports facilities unit is a centre of expertise for building techniques and functionality, for commercial and spatial planning matters, and for the management and maintenance of sports facilities. It makes its knowledge available to both internal and external customers as well as to its partners.

Directories of sports facilities and centres

These directories give an overview of Switzerland’s sports infrastructure and allow organisers of sports courses, camps and events to find suitable facilities.

«Sports facilities» conference

The Federal Office of Sport FOSPO holds an annual conference on a current issue related to the planning, building or operation of sports facilities.

Visits to sports facilities

The Sports facilities office organizes an annual visit to sports facilities for construction professionals and people responsible for sports facilities.

FAQ sport facilities

FOSPO's standards and written recommendations are not legally binding, but are rather intended as planning guidelines that reflect the latest technology. They may be declared binding for particular planning approval procedures (planning permission, grants), or they may be consulted if the courts are asked to resolve legal disputes.

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