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Sports psychology

Sports psychology is concerned with the attitudes, thoughts and behaviour of elite athletes. It seeks to explain and predict these, and also to alter and optimize them where necessary or desirable.

Sportpsychologie Mentale Gesundheit

SFISM's psychologists attach great importance to a well-founded, sport-specific and holistic understanding of the relationship and interplay between psychological factors and sporting performance.

SFISM's psychologists have amassed many years of experience in advising and supporting sportspeople and trainers. As recognized experts in their field, they are also involved in research and development and are active in international networks. Great importance is attached to the application of scientifically well-founded and recognized methods.


  • Sports psychology advice for sportspeople and trainers (coach the coach)
  • Training courses for teams
  • Long-term sports psychology support for teams, especially those competing in major international events
  • Support and advice on how to establish a positive training and performance culture
  • Psychological testing of athletes
  • Stress/recovery monitoring and overtraining diagnostics
  • Psychological support during rehabilitation from sports injuries

Research focus

  • Impact of perfectionism on training behaviour, lifestyle and sporting performance
  • Mindfulness-based interventions in sport
  • Performance motivation and motivational climate
  • Verifying the effectiveness of psychological training
  • Mood-performance relationship and mood state monitoring
  • Regeneration and recuperative techniques
  • Mental health in performance sport
  • Factors influencing interpersonal violence

Sports psychology internship

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