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Sports physiology (game sports)

The Sports physiology with specialization on game sports supports the physical performance development of Swiss elite and emerging athletes in game sports through sport-specific performance analyses and training recommendations.


It develops new performance testing methods and conducts research into how they relate to training and competition stress. It passes its findings on in various training structures to people who are actively involved in elite sport.


  • Creating individual performance profiles for game sports (football, ice hockey, handball) from complex, sport-specific team test batteries with a focus on speed and speed-strength, and deriving training recommendations
  • Interdisciplinary talent development programmes in game sports
  • Stress monitoring in training and games using new technologies (including local position measurement system, GPS)


Research and development focus 

Issues relating to the physiological aspects within the three areas of performance potential, the training process and the demands of competition for game sports at the elite sport level. 

  • Developing and validating new, predominantly discipline-specific performance testing methods for speed and sport-specific fatigue resistance
  • Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies of predominantly condition-related performance indicators (also key performance indicators) between athletes in different age and performance categories in high-performance sport
  • Relationship between key performance indicators and competitive performance
  • Complex analysis of training and competitive performance (the link between physical aspects and other relevant performance constructs such as technique and tactics in game sports)


In collaboration with partners, new technologies for performance analysis are developed, assessed in research projects and applied to the game sport services. 



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