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Sports physiology (strength)

The Sports Physiology section currently supports the physical performance development of Swiss national teams across ten different sports requiring explosive strength. It uses a variety of performance tests, some of which have been developed in-house, to determine maximum and explosive strength, and derives training recommendations from the results.

Sports physiology (strength)

In parallel to this, the section researches new performance methods and their relationship to training and competition performance. The new findings and experiences from these tests are passed on in various training structures (trainer education, Master’s and Bachelor's programmes) to people actively involved in elite sport.

Staff have many years of experience in performance diagnostics with top athletes and coaches, and are recognized experts in the fields of performance analysis and physical training in sports involving explosive strength.


  • Comprehensive advice on strength diagnostics for the lower extremities using muscular performance diagnostic tests, drop-jump tests and simple jump tests (Quattro jump), currently being provided for the following sports: downhill skiing, bobsleigh, ski jumping, ski cross, various athletics disciplines, BMX biking, artistic gymnastics, single-combat sports, cross-country skiing, etc.
  • Testing of the upper extremities, for example in cross-country skiing and combat sports
  • The Optojump system is used to record and analyse speed parameters in sprinting (and also discipline-specifically in artistic gymnastics)
  • Helping to conduct rehabilitation testing of the lower extremities on behalf of physiotherapists

Research and development focus 

  • The Sports Physiology (Strength) section focuses its research on physiological aspects within three areas – performance potential, the training process and the demands of competition – for disciplines requiring explosive strength in elite sport. Developing and validating new, predominantly discipline-specific performance testing methods for strength and speed
  • Complex analysis of training and competitive performance (the link between physical aspects and other relevant performance constructs such as technique)
  • Analysing kinetic parameters (height, distance, speed and acceleration) and kinematic parameters (strength, translational and rotational energy) and their relationship to physical requirements (explosive strength, reactive power and speed) in the vault in artistic gymnastics.


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