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Sports economics

SFISM is positioning itself in sports economics as well as in innovation and development in sport. In all three realms of teaching, research and services it focuses its activities on stakeholders confronted with the phenomenon of economization in sport.

Although economization is driving significant changes in sport, as yet little research has been conducted in this area. SFISM is helping to close this gap in sports economics research in Switzerland by anticipating trends in sport and communicating with internationally active and innovative stakeholders. It is consequently also contributing to the economically sustainable development of sport in Switzerland. 


SFISM is positioning itself as a centre of excellence in the economics and management of competitive and elite sport. In the field of sports studies it offers continuing education and training in sports economics and sports management. In collaboration with selected (international) partners, it develops products for the education and training of managers and specialists in sport. A number of other courses and seminars are also offered.


One of SFISM's chief activities is the provision of evidence-based sports economics advisory services to leaders in public-sector sport and their key partners. It provides support and advice to organizations in the development of product and business models, for the development of particular sports, and for urban and regional development through sport. Services and projects in related fields may be offered in collaboration with national and international partners.


By conducting representative studies, SFISM provides Switzerland with valuable fundamental research in sports economics. Along with quantifying the sports economy, it is studying the economization of elite sport, the social significance of different types of sport, the sports infrastructure, the stakeholders and organization of elite sports and sporting events. 

In addition, it also conducts applied economics research in the field of elite and competitive sport. Specific research fields:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of elite sport systems
  • Production factors in elite sport
  • Strategic sport development (formats/technicalization/mediatization)
  • Strategies for promoting towns and regions through sport
  • Transformation economics and sport
  • Talent and technique as resources (creation, development and funding)
  • Mediatization of sport
  • Sporting events 


Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM Sports economics and management
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Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM

Sports economics and management
Hauptstrasse 247
2532 Magglingen