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Monitoring and Evaluation unit

The Monitoring and Evaluation unit at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM is developing survey methods to measure physiological parameters.

Monitoring und Evaluation

It uses studies to assess their application with a focus on military and recreational sport. The unit conducts systematic scientific analyses of the value and benefits, efficiency and effectiveness of programmes, concepts, projects or (educational) measures. 

Research and development

The unit's principal remit is the development of measurement methods designed to gather objective data from wearables on the type, intensity and other characteristics of various activities as well as on the physiological parameters of the test person when active. The main aim is to collect data on physical exertion in everyday military life and how this correlates with serious incidents, injuries and premature discharge from military service. The group is also working on improving the evidence-based pre-selection of potential high-performance special forces and professional firefighters. The unit participates in  NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) research cooperation projects.


  • Evaluation projects on the impact and optimisation possibilities of programmes and other measures from the world of sport in order to support clients with additional management expertise and recommendations (e.g.: Sport Promotion Programme Y+S).
  • Sport and kinesiology-based support for the centre of expertise for sport in the armed forces and Swiss Army training – including in:
    - developing suitable physical selection criteria (e.g.: Army fitness test)
    - Development of real-time monitoring for the prevention of serious incidents or
    - (further) development of the training app ready #teamarmee.
  • Internal and external validation and feasibility studies.


Employees in the Monitoring and Evaluation unit are responsible for the “Quantitative Research I+II” modules, teach in the field of research and empirical studies with a focus on evaluation in the Bachelor’s course at SFISM and give guest presentations. As well as supervising the work of internal and external students at Bachelor and Masters level, the unit offers 3-month placements.


Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM Monitoring + Evaluation unit
Hauptstrasse 247
CH-2532 Magglingen

+41 58 467 63 21


Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM

Monitoring + Evaluation unit
Hauptstrasse 247
CH-2532 Magglingen