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Studying and elite sport

The Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM offers elite athletes the opportunity to individually coordinate their studies and examinations, allowing them to train and compete during the period of study. These parameters make it possible to successfully reconcile the demands of elite sport and studies.


Services provided by SFISM

As a university for sport, SFISM is particularly keen to support Switzerland's emerging and elite athletes. On the one hand this support takes the form of specific courses offered by Sports Coach Education Switzerland and the Master of Science in Sport with Specialization in Elite Sport. On the other hand, creating conditions that enable elite athletes to study also makes it much easier for them to combine their sporting activities with their studies. To help squad athletes reconcile these two aspects, the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM offers elite athletes professional advice and assistance so that their academic training can be completed successfully despite the heavy demands that elite sport places on their time.


SFISM representatives are available to provide athletes with individual study guidance and planning. Throughout the period of study, regular (usually every 6 months) coordination meetings can be held involving the student, the coach and the SFISM representative. Here, study planning is coordinated with sport training and competition planning.


Elite athletes who possess a Swiss Olympic Card Gold, Silver, Bronze or Elite from the umbrella organisation for sport in Switzerland or who were in possession of one up to one year before applying for the aptitude assessment are admitted to the Bachelor's degree course without a practical sports aptitude assessment, as long as they meet the other admission requirements.


Elite athletes are required to attain the same academic achievements as all other students in the competence evaluations. In justified cases, they may submit an application for a different examination location or time.

Training in Magglingen

Students may use the infrastructure in Magglingen for their individual sports training. Provided there is a corresponding agreement between the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO and the national governing body for the sport in question, services including performance diagnostics, sport psychology, physiotherapy and massage may also be used, and permanent residence may be applied for through the association in Magglingen.

What is required of students and their associations

Commensurate commitment is expected from students in both sport and their studies. The course must be completed with the necessary diligence. The SFISM requires that the national governing body for the relevant sport, the regional elite training centre and/or the association in question defines a contact person who takes part in the coordination meetings with the SFISM. An initial discussion takes place at the time of application to study at the SFISM, so that the students can then benefit from the special services provided by the SFISM. 

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