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Quality – in everything we do

Quality lies at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide top-quality teaching, research and services while undergoing a process of constant development – for the benefit of our students, colleagues, customers, partners and the institution as a whole.

How do we set about this? The SFISM has adopted a comprehensive quality assurance model which is cyclically implemented and systematically reviewed.

Systematic quality assurance


Our quality assurance strategy and the associated quality assurance plan set forth exactly how we ensure and enhance the high quality of the SFISM’s activities. The QA map (in German) illustrates how our quality assurance functions in all areas: comprehensively, cyclically and systematically. It serves as a key tool and guarantees that the SFISM continues to progress at all levels and in all areas of activity.

On track to become an accredited university of applied sciences institute

The Higher Education Funding and Coordination Act (HEdA) states that higher education institutions with institutional accreditation must have their own quality assurance systems and ensure that quality assurance is actually carried out in accordance with national criteria and international standards. In order to obtain institutional accreditation, universities must have a quality assurance system which ensures that their teaching, research and services are of high quality, that their organisation is efficient and that their tasks are executed efficiently. The SFISM is currently undergoing a two-year accreditation process in order to demonstrate this.


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