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Rectorate Team/Office


The Rectorate Office and Team assist the rector and co-rector in all matters relating to the running of the university. They are responsible for central administrative tasks and matters concerning the university as a whole. Together with the rectors, section heads and the heads of the units and the sports studies organisation, the Rectorate Team initiates, manages and coordinates SFISM's activities with respect to quality management in teaching (including evaluation of teaching), research and development, services and administration. It initiates quality audits at SFISM using the EFQM quality management system and prepares for accreditations. It ensures integrated communications, both outward-facing ones and internally between SFISM's various sections, and also coordinates the flow of information with the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO and Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH.

Sports library

Attached to the Rectorate Office is the sports library which holds over 46,000 titles, making it the largest sports library in Switzerland. The collection includes books, articles and multimedia products covering all sporting disciplines. The sports library in Magglingen is affiliated with the most important university libraries in the cantons of Basel and Bern through the IDS Basel/Bern library information network.

Eidgenössische Hochschule für Sport Magglingen EHSM Hauptstrasse 247
2532 Magglingen
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