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Areas of activity


The Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM conducts research and development for the benefit of sport governing bodies, the cantons and the Confederation. Close cooperation with these stakeholders offers significant advantages: its applied research and development is very much focused on matters encountered in everyday practice. The resulting services therefore reflect the latest findings and are optimally tailored to the needs of stakeholders.

Sports science and medicine

Based on the solid footing of its wide-ranging, interdisciplinary knowledge in sports science and medicine, SFISM offers services to national youth high-performance and elite sport in the following areas:

In the area of sports education, SFISM advises educational institutions on questions relating to sport and exercise in formal and informal educational settings.

One of SFISM's chief activities in the area of sports economics is the provision of evidence-based advisory services on sports economics issues to leaders in public-sector sport and their key partners.

In connection with sports facilities, the SFISM provides factsheets on construction and maintenance and advice to contractors.

SFISM's activities in the field of evaluation include evaluating sport and exercise promotion projects and describing the fitness, sport and exercise behaviour of specific sections of the population.

To reduce the unwanted potential side effects of participation in sport, such as addiction, violence, exclusion, doping or sexual abuse, this SFISM's unit actively runs integration and prevention campaigns and raises awareness of these issues.

SFISM's activities in the field of monitoring include developing measuring methods and training monitoring in performance sport.

Within these areas of activity, SFISM conducts projects at the national and international level. Further information about projects, publications and staff may be found in the SFISM project and publications database.

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Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM

Hauptstrasse 247
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